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Next-Gen Engineering, Manufacturing and Logistics from MBX Systems

MBX works as a seamless, scalable extension of customers’ hardware operations by designing, executing and deploying their complex technology on physical hardware devices.

Trusted expertise, exceptional integrated solutions

  • Proactive and consultative engineering

Paying incredible attention to component choices to engineer a complete hardware solution for performance, compliance and cost efficiency

  • Hardware and software integration

Ensuring the integrity of your software’s operation on the hardware, from the first to the 5,000th system and beyond, for consistent performance in the field

  • Dynamic product lifecycle management

Reconciling your performance needs with longevity goals and transparently maintaining hardware platforms for the life of your product

  • Manufacturing automation for configuration, verification and testing

Winning multiple awards for quality, innovation, and operational excellence, our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 US-based facility are the most technologically advanced in the hardware industry

  • Customized logistics programs

Guidance for planning flexible inventory programs that meet your customer SLAs and easily scale with forecasted demand

  • Full-scale global support

Seamlessly managing your product compliance regulations and sweating all the small details to support your product deployments as you expand to new markets

  • Hardware orchestration platform, MBX Hatch™

The only AI-driven software tool that transforms hardware management, enabling your team to plan, collaborate and act on program data to add efficiency and autonomy to your hardware operations