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Turnkey Custom & Embedded Hardware Solutions

Complex custom and embedded technology requires a detailed approach to optimizing performance on hardware. MBX provides this and more, with deep expertise in advanced product design and integration.

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Sometimes off-the-shelf hardware systems just aren’t the right fit. For example, they may not meet specific certification or compliance requirements for the intended end use. Or, they aren’t designed for rugged or portable use, such as in the field or in-transit in a helicopter, ambulance or rail transportation. Also, compute or graphics processing and physical space requirements may become an issue with standard, off-the-shelf systems.

MBX is renowned for our custom and embedded solutions that address all these requirements for a multitude of use cases. We have built systems to ensure they meet technical and safety standards, such as ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, and IEC 60601. We regularly design rugged and portable solutions for tight spaces, highly mobile environments, sterile settings, and harsh conditions—all with performance and quality in mind.

We take a detailed approach to custom and embedded platforms. For example, MBX engineers scope out the need for supporting components and test fixtures, down to the seemingly smallest details like spider cables, capture cards and ports. We also address security concerns, such as the need for custom bezel or port blocker to prevent intrusion into the chassis.

MBX is dedicated to getting it right the first time. Our teams put the custom and embedded solutions through their paces in real-world environments, including testing for thermal, noise, vibration, environmental, performance, and other conditions.