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MBX Systems Cited in Book on Leading Business Transformation

mbx systems leading business transformation


MBX Systems, a manufacturer of custom OEM server hardware, is among the companies featured in TakingPoint, a book on business leadership by Navy Seal combat veteran Brent Gleeson. The author cites MBX’s proactive approach to adapting to shifting business conditions, including its team-wide involvement in driving change, as a key enabler of its success in a highly competitive and dynamic market space.

Examples highlighted by Gleeson include MBX’s 2011 decision to eliminate 65% of its customer base in order to focus on larger customers with greater growth and profit potential. Over the next few years, despite the absence of those customers, MBX revenues nearly doubled, average customer size and net profits more than tripled, and the company relocated to a larger facility that octupled the size of the manufacturing floor to support new customers and higher order volumes.

That business expansion continues today with ongoing record growth, entry into new markets, and plant infrastructure and back-end software enhancements to accommodate increasingly complex customer needs. Those needs include engineering and manufacturing of high-variability hardware with hundreds of different configurations, full-rack builds for compute-intensive applications, and other services available from only a handful of specialty providers.

Gleeson credits MBX’s corporate culture for the ability to make difficult decisions that help keep the company competitive. “By creating a culture that accepts risk, embraces transparency, and includes everyone in the planning process, MBX continues to dominate their market and increase in value,” Gleeson notes in the book. “By planning for change now and empowering everyone in the organization, they continue to be a role model for successful – and lasting – transformation.”

“At some point, nearly every company faces the need to make tough strategic decisions in order to survive and grow. Over the past 23 years, these kinds of decisions have moved us into new markets, services and hardware partnerships with some of the world’s largest technology companies,” said MBX President Chris Tucker. “Brent’s book recognizes both the value and the importance of the collaborative culture and financial transparency we have cultivated to ensure that we are nimble enough to make these hard choices for the good of the company.”

About MBX Systems

MBX Systems provides hardware manufacturing programs backed by a platform of software, services and experts for software developers that deliver complex products on turnkey hardware. MBX customizes each hardware program for the customer’s unique requirements and provides an interactive software management toolset called MBX Hatch with advanced features such as configurable products and engineering change management that enable better product decisions as well as clear traceability and accountability. Systems are manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities using the award-winning Forge infrastructure developed by MBX to automate customers’ high variability manufacturing requirements for faster time to market and industry-leading quality. For more information, visit