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What is Kitting?

what is kitting

The Kitting Process is when a collection of parts or materials are grouped together in a single kit and this kit has its own SKU number.

In a warehouse, Kitting is the physical act of finding SKUs, packaging them or bundling them into a single package, and creating a new SKU for the final package before shipping. This often involves picking large orders or numerous products and finally bringing them to an assembly area where they can be packed and then either shipped or catalogued as inventory. 

There is also a process during Kitting called Staging. Staging ensures that, when manufacturing a product, a task is not delayed while waiting or preparing items that are critical to the completion of the task or shipment of the product. 

Do you have a logistics project that needs kitting? MBX provides next-gen logistics services through serial level traceability, with every touch visible to our customers. Our orders are completed at an accelerated rate through our machine learning based optimization of your programs in order to decrease product defects and deliver products on-demand. 

MBX’s logistics services include our proprietary AI software, Hatch, that lets you stay ahead of any shortages, tracking, and end of product lifecycle.