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Accelerating the Development of a Remote Intelligent Patient Monitoring Solution with MBX and NVIDIA

Bringing intelligent patient monitoring solutions to market quickly has its challenges. Read how NESA Solutions teamed up with MBX and NVIDIA to fast-track product development and lower costs, too.

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Medtech developers creating smart mobile cart devices on their own can get bogged down by extensive product development and design time, expensive custom moldings, and lengthy product certifications.

A smarter solution is to use hardware building blocks like Kori, a modular mobile hardware design from MBX. Kori provides the flexibility of tailoring the cart to specific use cases without creating it from the ground up every time.

NESA Solutions recognized the value of Kori’s modular design for their complex machine learning solution. Paired with NVIDIA’s Clara Guardian software building block and other best of technology providers including Hanwha and Commend, NESA is able to bring transformative AI-powered medical devices to the healthcare industry, and medical providers are welcoming this fresh approach.