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Healthcare IT Today: Computer Vision in Hospitals

The evolution of computer vision in healthcare is happening quickly. Watch the video interview with Roger Lam to learn more about its evolution and how it can benefit healthcare.

It takes the right mix of people, process, and technology to make a real impact on the lives of patients and the doctors and nurses that serve them. To that end, it’s amazing to see how far technologies like computer vision have come and how that progression can help impact healthcare in positive ways.

Fortunately, the technology is now more accessible to healthcare organizations that want to implement the technology, but weren’t able to before. Workflows we couldn’t have even considered previously are now possible and in a price range that’s affordable.

Check out the video interview with Roger Lam, VP of Engineering at MBX Systems to dive into where we’re at with computer vision in smart hospitals. He shares some of the top places he sees computer vision being used in healthcare and how that could shape the facilities of the future.

Roger Lam is Director, Engineering, at MBX Systems.
About Roger Lam

Roger Lam is the Director of Engineering, at MBX Systems, an OEM/ODM of embedded, edge and data center devices for medical ISVs and OEMs. Roger leads a team of engineers who develop next-gen hardware platforms for medical devices and AI/machine learning applications, to reduce the time and complexity of bringing inferencing-based solutions to market. Roger has developed computing products over the past 16 years for medtech developers of all sizes, including GE, Siemens and Phillips.